Progress on Micro-cruising Sailing Kayak

As usual with boat work, my progress has been slow. I thought I would be getting close to finished by this time, but I’m not even close. I have continued to tweak the design. I have moved the paddling position back into the pilothouse – decided shifting weight from position to position would not be practical. Had to redesign the pilothouse to¬†accommodate¬†paddling. I’m also working on the sailing rig – still not happy with it.

I’ve added bulkheads to the hull, front and rear decks, and framed the front hatch where my bike goes. I have built the pilothouse shell, but it is hideously ugly. I’m going to try to improve it, but function has to take precedence. I have to be able to paddle comfortably, so I may end up with one butt ugly boat. See the photos after the jump.

Fiberglassing bulkheads & decks
Front hatch and bulkhead
Aft deck
Pilothouse fixture
Foam shell ready for fiberglass
Pilothouse draped in fiberglass & ready for epoxy
Pilothouse on the hull - looks hideous

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