Fiberglassing the Inside of the Hull

It is hard to take photos while applying epoxy, so this is a brief post on fiberglassing the inside of the hull and the bowboard slot.

I fiberglassed the bottom first...

Another shot from the front. You can see the bow filled with foam.
Then I turned the hull to one side and glassed it. Repeated for other side.
Here I am cutting the slot for the bowboard.
Another shot of the bowboard slot, and you can see the inside of the hull completely fiberglassed.
Fiberglassing the inside of the bowboard slot.

To fiberglass inside the bowboard slot, I built a blank the size of the inside of the slot. I covered it in aluminum foil and waxed the foil so the epoxy would not stick to it. Then I wrapped several layers of fiberglass soaked in epoxy around the blank and jammed it into the slot (making sure it was positioned correctly). The fiberglass extended past the slot a few inches at the top, bottom, and front of the bow, and I wrapped these edges around the bow. Later I will reinforce this area with more fiberglass.

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